John Todd

Executive Marketing in Canada

🐡 Sales and marketing enthusiast, with over five decades in consumer goods, while hosting an entrepreneurial spirit as an independent business owner.

💡Well-versed in all areas of digital marketing and in leveraging the power of the internet to advise, increase sales, while connecting people with possibilities via sales and marketing.

👥 I'm a people person through and through, collaborating and building towards a shared vision together, is key for me. I pride myself in offering exceptional client service through my experiences in managing a national sales team, business development, and conducting extensive market researches.

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John's sparkling personality and authenticity are what drew me to get to know him better. Over the past couple of years, I've had the pleasure and the honor of watching John excel in multiple arenas, moving mountains, and with great heart and passion. John is someone you would pick first for your team because he can handle all the positions and cover all the bases thanks to his strong leadership experience and a wide range of skills. I look forward to more collaboration with John in the future.
Shawn Noetzli - Media Agency Owner - Orange County, CA
I have known John for over thirty years and in that lengthy time, we have been working associates, team instructors, and good friends. I can honestly say with complete confidence, that John is a man of his word, an asset to anyone and everyone he works with or works for. A good man with a big smile, to go with his big heart.
Gerry Banford - Retired High School Teacher, Sylvan Lake, AB
John is the ultimate professional when it comes to sales and marketing. He understands the requirements but more importantly, he rolls up his sleeves and gets down to the business at hand. He’s organized, planned and through his determination, hard work, and perseverance, he gets results. John is courteous, likable, pleasant, and would be an asset to any organization.
Patrick Cassidy - Managing Partner, Edmonton Prospects Baseball Club.
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